Monumental Day for Mike

Very special day for Mike today as he celebrates 25 years as a postman! I created the poster above for him to put up around the town in the hope that he can reach his target amount.

This is a man of greatness – his own anniversary and he is selflessly using it to raise money for good causes in the locality!

Congratulations Mike!

  • Edit, as of October 19th, Mike’s fundraising has reached a massive £3740+! Thanks to everyone involved!

Updates for The Beginning of September

New videos in the Media page, showing the Branch Line Hatfield to St Albans in 1968, and also Rediscovering the Hatfield and St Albans Railway.

Plus, Amazon now have our Nast Hyde Halt logo t-shirts available! Remember, everything from Yvonne’s merchandise sold via Redbubble or Amazon, has a 50% profit donation to charity automatically applied.

Mike and Yvonne are looking into book signing venues – and there will be two next year! Firstly, we need to have one in the Nast Hyde area, but with parking and crowding a local issue, Mike has found a clever solution to suit everyone. More news coming soon!!

New Nast Hyde Halt View Merchandise

I’m super pleased to announce that this morning I have created not only another design featuring Nast Hyde Halt, but also there are updates to the other designs as there is now an awesome baseball cap available!

This is Nast Hyde Halt View on the Yvonne Marrs Redbubble shop.

Why not view the other designs while you are browsing?

Part Manuscript Approval

Today is an exciting day – I have sent Mike part of the manuscript for his approval. It is vitally important that I get his character ‘right’ – I may use sayings that he does not, or worse, something that he finds wrong or offensive.

In the first 11 chapters, I have weaved several key pieces of research into the story – and run with artistic and fictional licence in some places. Those of you who know Mike and his restoration story will find elements of the tale that are real, and spot those that are imagined. Some of the information and details that Mike has given me regarding the project aren’t to be shared, for various reasons, but where relevant, I have included in some other way. I won’t give away too many details so as not to spoil it…


It strikes me that I don’t have many books in my catalogue of now 39 novels that needed prior research. However, Termination at the Halt needs it in order to bring about the correct atmosphere. As much as it is about Mike and the restoration and the ghost train, there are a lot of fictional aspects where I will use artistic licence.

Thanks to the Internet, the ultimate resource that most of us take for granted, I have discovered LOTS of information about the area surrounding the Halt. Several carefully chosen books are giving me a flavour of the time and the kinds of adventures that occurred in the Golden Age of Steam. Over the last year, I fell in love with the stories of the Railway Detective by Edward Marston, and I really want this book to rival any of those.

Book Updates by Yvonne

As author of the forthcoming book featuring Nast Hyde Halt’s Station Master Mike, I’m aware many of you may not know me but still may want updates of the progress of the book, without jumping into any of my sites. That’s fine. Hence why I have created this Guest Blog within Mike’s website, with his permission of course.

“Termination at the Halt”, a Ghost Train Murder Mystery, is the title. I have already designed the book cover – with help from Mike and my protégé-turned-helper, Steve. Mike and Steve will also be aiding with the editing process – indeed, Mike has read the first 6 chapters that I have written and given me great feedback. If you are wondering …he absolutely loves it!

It is the first time that I have written a fictional book with a real, live character – therefore it is of utmost importance that I use some of Mike’s real characteristics and mannerisms. For those of you who know him, you will not be disappointed by his portrayal.

This will be my 40th book in the challenge I have been set of writing and publishing 50 books, in order to live up to the hype of being a ‘prolific author’. Some may say that I’m being too hard on myself; that 40 books is an amazing achievement. It is, don’t get me wrong, I know it is. I started out with one, which became two quite quickly, which then turned into a trilogy… and it blossomed from there. If you want to find out more about me, then there is my website and various social media pages about myself and my work, plus also the Nast Hyde Halt Writer page.

As well as being a source for updates on the website, I shall be blogging here with my progress on the book. Already there has been a huge surge of interest in the book – Mike tells me that people have been stopping him at the Halt and asking if he is the murderer…

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