Exciting Times!

Dear followers, I am pleased to be writing this blog post to tell you of the exciting times that are happening at the moment.

Mike is currently checking over the final version of ‘Termination at the Halt’ before it is published in the following weeks.

There was a glitch in Amazon’s system of pre-orders which meant that only the eBook is showing for pre-order of March 1st. As a result, the paperback version wrongly displayed before it was actually ready. Despite ‘unpublishing’ it with them, their system still displays the book as available to purchase. Grrr. I cannot do anything about that, and can only apologise for any confusion. As a result, I have worked on getting the paperback completed several weeks ahead of schedule in the hope that we can physically have copies to sell by March 1st. We have worked out a way to sell signed copies individually as well as having the book on Amazon, Kobo, Apple and other eBook platforms from March 2022 onwards.

A limited edition of books signed by both Mike and myself will be available to purchase from us direct. There will be a JustGiving page set up for this year’s fundraising efforts by us both – for our chosen charity of Breast Cancer UK. Each book will cost £15, with 50% of each sale going to charity. Please let us know if you’d like a copy but need it to be posted if you do not have an prior agreement with either Mike or myself.

I have created a special wordsearch which everyone who buys a book in the first two months will receive. Why is this special? Because, once you find the puzzle answer, you can email us to earn another four entries in the special prize draws I have created to support the launch of my 40th book! Details, and terms and conditions of the prize draws, can be found on my website under Fundraising for 2022. On this page, you will also see the railway themed cards that I am auctioning for our chosen charity.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Next Steps

The next steps in the publication process of ‘Termination at the Halt’ are all go! I have, for the first time, Advanced Readers lined up – to check how the story flows and to catch anything that my editor and I, and Mike of course, might have missed or need to address.

I’m also putting together a Prize Draw for pre-orders of the book, which will be via a page to be set up using JustGiving. That works for everyone’s peace of mind. Watch out for another blog post containing more information coming in the next few weeks!

Seasonal System

First of all, season’s wishes for the festive period. To those who don’t recognise Christmas and New Year, have a great bank holiday!

As one of the unsung heroes of our communities, and not just through a pandemic, Mike and his colleagues are having a very busy time at work – sometimes with a doubled or tripled workload. Everyone you meet is having a battle with something – family, health, work, money, others – so be kind! I always ensure to say thank you, even if I have to shout it as they retreat back to their van, to the delivery people providing us with valuable services. I was doing this long before kindness was a public message, as it is common sense and good manners. Send a smile and a thank you to any one of our unsung heroes you come across, please!

Mike has reviewed Termination at the Halt and it is now with my editor. We are still on track (pun intended!) for publication in the first quarter of 2022. This is the system that we have worked out, so that the book is as perfect as it can possibly be.

Book Update!

It has been a busy time for me getting the book written, finishing all of the research, sorting out what is relevant and interweaving it into the story. I have 3 chapters to go before it is written and I complete the first edit of the piece.

I’m very fortunate that I have two editors for the book – one is of course Mike, he must approve everything before publication. The gentleman who was my first protege is now my editor, so the book will have another set of eyes on it to ensure everything is as it should be.

This means we near publication of ‘Termination at the Halt’ – on 1st March 2022! I have set up a system for pre-orders to be taken for anyone who would like a signed copy (in this country only.) The plan will be broadcast here nearer the time, this is a spoiler for our followers!

Monumental Day for Mike

Very special day for Mike today as he celebrates 25 years as a postman! I created the poster above for him to put up around the town in the hope that he can reach his target amount.

This is a man of greatness – his own anniversary and he is selflessly using it to raise money for good causes in the locality!

Congratulations Mike!

  • Edit, as of October 19th, Mike’s fundraising has reached a massive £3740+! Thanks to everyone involved!

Updates for The Beginning of September

New videos in the Media page, showing the Branch Line Hatfield to St Albans in 1968, and also Rediscovering the Hatfield and St Albans Railway.

Plus, Amazon now have our Nast Hyde Halt logo t-shirts available! Remember, everything from Yvonne’s merchandise sold via Redbubble or Amazon, has a 50% profit donation to charity automatically applied.

Mike and Yvonne are looking into book signing venues – and there will be two next year! Firstly, we need to have one in the Nast Hyde area, but with parking and crowding a local issue, Mike has found a clever solution to suit everyone. More news coming soon!!

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