This old Ghost Station played it’s part upon the former branch line Railway which once linked Hatfield to St. Albans and opened in 1865. The Halt at Nast Hyde opened in 1910 to serve the growing community in the area, it eventually closed in 1951 due to lack of use – but the line itself dwindled on for freight trains until complete closure in 1968. Like many Stations along the 6 mile route, Nast Hyde Halt lay abandoned for many years until local postman, Mike Izzard, decided to breathe life back into it as he embarked upon an award winning four year restoration project. 

Having started this ambitious programme of improvements without the landowners permission, Mike soon gained their instant approval as his vision started to materialise before everyone’s eyes. As well as his work at Nast Hyde Halt, Mike also improved the half mile section of trackbed up to the St. Albans borderline known as ‘Deadmans Crossing’. You’ll regularly see him tending to the bird boxes and feeders, plus keeping the foliage cut back.

By 2019, the icing on the cake arrived with a fabulous donation of track from the Nene Valley Railway to mark the 50th Anniversary of the lines closure and the completion of Mike’s restoration project. 

Many fundraising efforts by Mike helped make all this happen and today he continues to use the Halt and his position as ‘Station Master’ to raise funds for various good causes and charities.

Nast Hyde Halt can be easily located just off Ellenbrook Lane in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9NS.  Alternately a cycle ride or walk along the old railway trackbed, known as the Alban Way, is also available and most enjoyable too. ( National Cycle Network route 61 )

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